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Coagulation is Necessary For Maximum Skin Tightening; Science and Experience Prove This – INFINI is the Best Solution

It is fundamental that my patients understand the science behind their treatments.  There is too much “quasi science” in the aesthetic industry that is fooling the general public.  As a result, many patients are dissatisfied with their outcomes and have buyer’s remorse.  Perhaps the most controversial area of the industry is with “skin tightening” procedures.  After …

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Dr. Steve Weiner: “FINALLY…A Radiofrequency (RF) Skin Tightening Device that Makes Sense. Infini by Lutronic.” Includes an overview of the RF skin tightening industry.

  Dr. Weiner’s White Paper on Infini (more medical terms and more detailed than blog) Dr. Weiner explains why Coagulation is so important in tightening skin Radiofrequency use in medical treatments has over a 70 year history.  It has been used for multiple applications but the most exciting innovations recently have been in skin tightening. …

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