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PDO Threads – The Latest Minimal Invasive Lifting Procedure

Thread lifting is not a new concept. It was first developed in 1999 by Dr. Sulamanidze in Russia. APTOS Threads (a non absorbable suture made of polypropylene) were used for lifting and tightening skin without surgery. Contour threads of similar make up were introduced in the US in the early 2000’s. There were problems with these …

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Radiesse Questions Answered by Dr. Steven F. Weiner, Facial Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Weiner performing Liquid Facelift with Radiesse and Belotero Q: Restylane Vs Radiesse for Cheek Enhancement? A: For cheek enhancement, Radiesse will last a little longer than Restylane Radiesse is the highest G prime filler on the market.  This is a measure of lifting ability.  It will last anywhere from 12-18 mos in most people. …

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Juvederm Questions Answered by Facial Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Steve Weiner

  Q: Is there any other option than Hyaluronidase to immediately reverse botched Juverderm injections to the lip? A: Hyaluronidase is the easiest solution for improving botched lip injections with Juvederm There really is no other great alternative to hyaluronidase.  It my hands, it quickly, sometimes within  minutes, dissolves the HA fillers like Juvederm, Restylane, …

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