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Action II Erbium Laser for Resurfacing and Bella V Vaginal Rejuvenation

Lutronic has added a new laser to it’s armamentarium and it is called the Action II. There are several different applications for this laser which include: fractional laser resurfacing, the “Shining” laser peel, skin lesion ablations, and the “Bella V” procedure for vaginal rejuvenation. Erbium lasers are ablative lasers, they cause ablation of the tissue treated. …

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Don’t Forget The Hands and Decolletage When Thinking About Your Cosmetic Refinements!

Most of the procedures advertised and touted have to do with rejuvenating and beautifying the aging face and neck.  This blog is to bring attention to the often ignored areas:  The Decolletage (chest) and The Hands.  There are some simple, quick, and little to no downtime procedures that can be performed to bring these areas …

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