Monthly Archives: June, 2017

Introducing the Concept of “Age Freezing”

The nonsurgical aesthetic industry has finally hit an important milestone. Using a combination of techniques, cosmetic physicians are now able to halt, and even reverse, the age-related changes which occur to one’s face. In the past, technologies would allow for turning back time for a few years but eventually, the inevitable and undeniable signs of …

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The Latest Trend “Prejuvenation” – Preventative Rejuvenation

It’s been touted for years by the aesthetic physicians – “Prejuvenation” – starting maintenance treatments in one’s late teens or early twenties.  The Kardashians have popularized these minor cosmetic tweaks to stay youthful and refreshed with visits to their Beverly Hills physician, documented regularly on “Keeping Up with the Kardashians”. There is increasing pressure to …

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Acne is NO Longer A Problem with The Aerolase Neopod Laser (Neoclear)

  Acne affects millions of people in the US, and is the most common reason to seek medical attention from a Dermatologist. Billions of dollars are spent on medications to control the disease, both over the counter and prescription. Medications have potential side effects, and compliance is difficult. Even with aggressive medical therapy, acne can …

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