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Filling The Temples Should Be Done With Sculptra…Period.

Temporal volume lossĀ is part of the naturalĀ aging process of the face. It is the result primarily of fat pad atrophy, but loss of bone, soft tissue, and muscle also contribute. Losing volume in the temples leads to: Lowering of the eyelid and eyebrow Skin laxity in the periorbital and cheek area Changes to the overall …

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Hyperhidrosis of Face, Body, and Axilla can be Treated Permanently using The Infini

Hyperhidrosis, excessive sweating, affects about 3% of the US population, which is about 10 million people. There are many areas affected by this disease, with the most common being the axilla, or underarm. Less common areas are: Face, body, hands, and feet. There are significant psychosocial implications of hyperhidrosis which can lead to isolation, depression, …

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