Most Frequently Asked Questions about Infini, RF Skin Tightening from Lutronic

  1. What makes Infini different than other RF devices?  The long answer can be found at my blog post.  The short answer is:  fractional not bulk heating, needles are insulated, needle depths are variable, coagulation occurs for maximal collagen stimulation, and the epidermis is safely protected from the heat.  This allows for a very safe treatment for all skin types, that is also very effective.
  2. What long term complications have you (Dr. Weiner) seen?  With over 1000 treatments, I have seen no long term complications.  No skin atrophy, no unintended fat loss, no scarring, and no pigment changes.
  3. How long does a treatment take?  With an experienced provider, the face treatment takes about 45 minutes, and if the neck is included, add another 15 minutes.
  4. How long is recovery?  The initial redness subsides very rapidly in the first hour.  It takes about 24-36 hours to resolve, as does the swelling. Rarely, patients report extend redness for a few more days.
  5. What are the restrictions after the Infini?  Skin care must be only the prescribed creams.  No make up until the morning and care with touching the skin with unclean hands or towels.  There are no activity or sun restrictions!
  6. Is ice or steroids used after the treatment? It is not recommended to use either of these after Infini. Although there is no data, it is Dr. Weiner’s opinion that the results can be compromised if ice or steroids are used. The results are dependant on inflammation, and “heat shock proteins”, both of which are inhibited with ice and steroids.
  7. How many treatments are needed?  Good question.  It is variable.  To get maximum benefit, the general consensus is 3.  Some people might be happy with only one, but that is uncommon.  Younger patients wanting only preventative treatments can get one yearly. Acne scarring clients should consider at least 3, and might be more satisfied with 5 or 6.
  8. How does Infini affect fillers? If the fillers are injected deeply below the skin (sub Q, or deeper), such as is done by Dr. Weiner using the blunt cannulas, the fillers should not be affected.  Sculptra and Bellafill are not affected at any depth and are frequently done at the same time as the Infini by Dr. Weiner.  If the filler is placed in the dermis, they are at risk of being degraded.
  9. How long should I wait between treatments?  Consecutive treatments can be done as close as 3 or 4 weeks. If this is not possible because of your schedule, don’t worry, the final results are not affected.
  10. How painful is the Infini?  Most patients will rate the majority of the procedure a 3 or 4/10.  The areas which might be higher are over the bone, such as the forehead, cheeks, and jawline.  We have recently implemented changes in technique to make all but the forehead more comfortable.  The forehead can be excluded if desired.  All patients report no discomfort when the procedure is complete.
  11. Can the Infini be used on other parts of the body?  We routinely treat the neck and chest in conjunction with the face treatment.  Other areas we have treated are arm laxity, knee area, and scars from abdominal surgery.  Stretch marks have been treated but results are variable.  We have successfully treated hyperhidrosis with the Infini as well. Bottom line is that when appropriate depths and settings are used, the Infini can be used on all areas of the body.
  12. How many passes are performed on each area?  Each area is treated at least with 3 depths and 2 passes for each depth.  Some areas area treated at 4 or 5 depths.
  13. What patients would you exclude?  Very few patients wouldn’t be candidates.  Patients with pacemakers should not be treated.  If there is metal in an area of the face, the skin overlying this area can not be treated.  Patients on blood thinners can be treated but will get bruising.  We try to hold all thinners if it is possible prior to treatment.  Aspirin needs 12 days for it’s action to be completely reversed on the platelets.  Patients with severely sun damaged skin will theoretically respond less than a person with healthy skin.
  14. Why is Infini safe for darker skin patients?  The Infini is protective of the epidermis, where the pigment cells are, because it’s needles are insulated. Also, the depth can be adjusted so the heat from the RF stays in the dermis, below the most superficial layer.  Other devices are either not insulated, or try to push heat through the skin, potentially damaging the pigment cells.
  15. How does the Infini compare to lasers for treating acne scars?  The Infini is safer than a laser, with less downtime, and no risk to the eyes.  As stated above, the darker skin patients can be treated more safely with the Infini when compared to a laser because a laser will heat the upper layer of skin, the epidermis. Lasers have the risk of pigment changes (darker or lighter).  Results from Infini appear to be better than lasers for acne scars. It is postulated the the increased depths of the Infini (up to 3.5mm) vs lasers (maximum about 1.8mm) seems to the difference. Also, elastin is produced (elastinosis) in response to a RF treatment, and this is not the case in laser resurfacing.
  16. How long do results last?  This is a difficult question and will be different for each patient.  The collagen created will last at least 7 years.  However, the amount of collagen is variable, and depends on the overall skin health, patient’s health, smoking habits, age, tanning, sun exposure, and lifestyle.  It is usually recommended to have a “touch up” performed every 12-18 months.
  17. What is better, Infini or Ulthera?  My new blog answers this in detail: Infini vs Ulthera






  1. Pam

    Hi Dr. Wiener,
    How long do the “holes ” made by the needled stay open for ? Do you “push” any products post procedure to get directly into the dermis?


    • We believe a few hours at least. We encourage the use of skin care products with growth factors, such as TNS Essential serum or Lifeline.


  2. Pam

    Hi Dr Weiner,
    Some Microneedling devices or RF devices (like Venus Viva) ay they have “pins” vs “needles”. What is the difference between “pins” vs “needles”?


  3. Pins or needles mean the same. Viva doesn’t appear to have needles/pins according to what I can see on internet.


  4. Sandy Snabl

    Hi! Do you recommend Ultherapy, or now Infini (a course of 3 treatments), for laxity under chin and jawline? Also what about its relative effectiveness for vertical wrinkles on the décolleté? Thank you for all your very informative videos and posts!


    • Infini is a superior treatment for all areas. Much more coagulation points than Ulthera.


  5. I have had my second treatment a broke out again with acne and did all the right things and used clindomycin. Do breakouts occur sometimes after treatment?


    • This is my theory about “break out” after Infini. I believe this to be a superficial infection in most cases. It’s cause is related to a few possible factors. If sterile technique is not performed properly in can happen. If makeup or other non sterile products are placed on the skin too soon, you can get it. I know that some of the skincare which I place is not sterile but I get away with it most of the time. Acne prone clients can get it as well, and I will sometimes preventatively treat with Minocin. Keep in mind that clindamycin, which I place once after completion of treatment, does not cover up/replace poor sterile technique.


  6. Idda

    I have had my first session on infini treatment to treat my achne scars. It’s been 3 days and my face has dark gray grides all over. Is it safe to use scrub to help remove the dry gray grides?


  7. Ryan

    Hi Dr. Weiner,

    I had an infini with fractional co2 laser two days ago. I have had a large pimple arise on my cheek which was treated, and overnight it became painful and seemed ready to pop, which I did and it was cleared. However, I am worried that I may now cause damage and scatting because of this as my skin is in a fragile state after treatment.

    Can this occur, and how can I prevent scarring? It was quite painful and seemed ready to pop as all stuff was excreted.



    • I would just treat as the rest of the skin. It should heal fine


      • Ryan

        hi Dr. Weiner

        Those two breakouts have left indented scars. Moreover, my other scars are deeper and I have a couple that either are new, or were so shallow before I couldn’t tell but now they are deeper.

        I’m worried. My skin seems to be getting progressively worse, not better. I have more/worse scars than before I commenced infini +co2 (low) +prp treatments. Can I expect it to be better than before I started? It’s much worse. People (family and friends) have also noted the difference

        Thank you


      • I would discuss with your physician. I have never treated with the CO2 laser at the same time. Acne scars have usually responding in a positive manner with Infini. Deeper scars need to be filled with Bellafill.


  8. denine grabiec

    I had infini 17 days ago breaking out pretty bad have been on antibiotics since treatment. Is this normal ? I am using retinol at night now is this to soon? Can I use my Clarisosonic now?


    • Acne can occur but must be distinguished from an infection. If sterile technique is not observed, this can happen. Id probably treat with a anti staph medication and topical altabax. Retinol is ok now.


  9. tammy chambers

    Hello Dr. Weiner,
    Can you discuss the occurance of grid marks? is this a common side effect and what can be done if you experience grid marks?
    Thank you!


    • Grid marks is possible after Infini. In my experience, they go away with time. Sometimes up to 3 weeks. There are reports of them being seen longer but not in my practice. To treat them, if there is a concern, a VBeam or Excel V laser is useful. I have only seen these in aggressive treatments and should not be seen in the lower settings.


  10. jane mau

    How far apart should you do infini treatments on the face and neck


  11. faith

    Hi Dr. Weiner,
    I had 2 sessions of TCA cross for my ice pick and box scars 4-5 weeks apart (PIH are apparent at that time), after 3 weeks I had INFINI 2 sessions 4 weeks apart. The red marks from my tca cross are still visible. when can I have Vbeam laser after my infini? hope you reply doctor as I badly need your opinion.
    Thank you!


  12. melissa

    Hi Dr. Weiner,
    Do you still need to prep your skin like applying brightening serum, hydroquinone creams etc. weeks before you have the Infini?


    • For darker skin types, some docs recommend skin lighteners such as hydroquinone 4% for a few weeks prior and after. I only do this on rare occasions.


  13. melissa

    Hi Dr Weiner,
    I am hoping that Infini will help me with my Acne scars (mild-moderate). Would you recommend PRP together with the Infini?


    • PRP can add some benefit to results. It also speeds up the healing process. It is best placed as a mask after the Infini or injected.


  14. Daryl

    How soon can i have my Next round of TCA cross and subcision after infini?

    After 2 weeks. TCA cross with subcision
    After a month FCO2 laser
    After a month infini again.
    After 2 weeks. TCA cross with subcision

    Is this an ideal treatment plan for maximum improvement?


  15. Kat

    “The collagen created will last at least 7 years.”
    I have read zero research to support this statement. Please supply your reference and in particular, where it specifies collagen type 3 fiber formation. Thank you.


  16. Tonya Tillman

    I have swelling under my eyes on my cheek bones. My physician said that it was edema. Went to oculoplastic surgeon he said they were festoons. Went to a plastic surgeon he said that I have damaged tissue under the skin and from what I gathered he said that I am not producing any collagen to keep it tight. He is wanting to do the infini to help treat them I was just wondering what your thoughts on getting this done.


    • Festoons are hard to treat but Infini has reduced them in some of my patients.


  17. Noar

    Hi i am 46 days post treatment and i have been left with holes and lines on my face after infini is this normal and if not what can i do to make it better


    • This can be treated with a vascular laser, VBeam, Excel V, Laser Genesis, Spectra laser peel. Microneedling can also help.


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