Monthly Archives: June, 2014

Beauty and Skin Tips for those on a budget.

This blog will elucidate that small changes to one’s lifestyle and a small investment in skin products, will lead to significant improvements in one’s skin health and beauty. Protect from the sun with daily sunscreen, sun protection, and Heliocare.  The number one enemy to skin is sun exposure.  The sun’s UVB rays lead to activation of enzymes …

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New Handpieces From Coolsculpting Help Create an “INNER THIGH GAP”

    It seems that women are going to great lengths to try to achieve the elusive “inner thigh gap”.  According to Nik Richie, the founder of the website “The Dirty” who claims to be the  first to coin the phrase “inner thigh gap”, the space between the thighs needs to ideally be 5 finger breadths. …

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