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Off Label Uses of the Infini – A Plethora of Potential Treatment Options – Scars, Sweat, Cellulite, Acne, Fat, Breast Lift, Knees, Tattoos

The Infini is quickly being recognized by the aesthetic physicians as a very powerful tool to tighten facial and neck skin with very little downtime (less than 36 hours).  It has also proven to have an extremely low risk profile, with very few long term side effects noted, even in tan or dark skinned individuals.  For …

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Slimming Ones Facial Appearance with Botox/Dysport

The ideal shape for an aesthetically pleasing face has been referred to as “an upside down egg” or heart-shaped.  It is desirous to have the upper face wider than the mid/lower face.  It brings more attention to the eyes, the center of beauty.  Widening of the lower face can give a female a more masculine …

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Coagulation is Necessary For Maximum Skin Tightening; Science and Experience Prove This – INFINI is the Best Solution

It is fundamental that my patients understand the science behind their treatments.  There is too much “quasi science” in the aesthetic industry that is fooling the general public.  As a result, many patients are dissatisfied with their outcomes and have buyer’s remorse.  Perhaps the most controversial area of the industry is with “skin tightening” procedures.  After …

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