Dermapen – Advanced Microneedling for Skin Tightening, Wrinkles, Acne Scars, Stretch Marks, and Improving Elasticity of Skin.

The Dermapen is used in conjunction with PRP and PPP in the video above.

The Dermapen 3 is a motorized microneedling device that can produce over 1300 dermal penetrations per second.  The micro-injuries that are created cause an inflammatory response that ultimately causes collagen production.  The injury to the dermis is fractional, only a small percentage is affected, which has been shown to lead to faster healing and an improved risk profile when compared to treating the entire dermis.  There is no heat produced, as a laser would, so the risks of pigmentation issues is very low.  For maximal benefits, a series of about 6 are recommended. Dermpen vs Dermal Roller The advantage of a Dermapen over a dermal roller is:

  1. The penetrations are perpendicular to the skin so there is no tearing of the skin.
  2. The perpendicular penetrations are linear and more precise than the roller that creates a wedge defect in the skin.
  3. Depth of penetration can be changed for the different areas of the face.
  4. The microneedles are much thinner than the dermal roller
  5. Many more penetrations are performed in a Dermapen treatment
  6. Able to treat areas where rolling is difficult or not possible – around the nose and eyes

What conditions can a Dermapen treat?

  1. Superficial skin laxity and wrinkles, especially around the eyes
  2. Enlarged pores.
  3. Scarring, particularly acne scars
  4. Stretch marks
  5. Thin skin related to sun damage or age
  6. Etched in superficial lines

What should I expect on the day of the Dermapen treatment?

  1. After pictures are taken, a dermaplane is performed – using a scalpel, the superficial layer of skin is removed including fine superficial hairs.
  2. A topical numbing cream will be placed on the skin for about 20 minutes
  3. The cream is wiped off and the face is cleaned thoroughly with hospital grade soap
  4. A hyaluronic acid lotion is placed on the skin which allows for easier movement of the Dermapen over the skin.
  6. The Dermapen is then placed on the skin and each area is treated in at least 3 directions to get a thorough coverage.  The product or PRP placed on the skin is pushed into the deeper layers of the dermis by the Dermapen
  7. When finished with the Dermapen treatment (about 20-30 minutes), topical growth factors or collagen stimulators are placed on the treated skin.  Studies have shown that these topicals can penetrate 50x better immediately after the treatment.
  8. Your face will remain red or pink for 24-48 hours.  There is a skin care regime that will be tailor made for your skin, recommended by the aesthetician.

What are some other uses of the Dermapen?

  1. Prior to Levulan treatment for precancerous lesions, areas of concern can be treated with the Dermapen to allow for much better penetration of the Levulan.
  2. There might be some benefit when used in combination with the laser for tattoo removal.
  3. Chemical Peels will have better penetration and become more aggressive if Dermapen precedes placement of the peel.
  4. Stretch marks can be improved, particularly when topicals are used immediately afterwards.
  5. Although still experimental, there might be some benefit in treating areas of melasma followed by intensive topical therapy with hydroquinones and retin A.

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  1. The injury to the dermis is fractional, only a small percentage is affected, which has been shown to lead to faster healing and an improved risk profile when compared to treating the entire dermis


  2. That’s Great. Very knowledgeable post.


  3. Vanessa


    So which is best for acne scars, icepicks and large pores? Dermapen or Infini RF?



    • Infini will be better without question. The heat and coagulation from the RF cause much more of an inflammatory response and therefore more collagen remodeling.


      • Vanessa

        Ok, great, thanks a lot for the answer.

        I had another question, do you think RF Infini is better than RF Secret and RF Scarlet for acne scars/large pores?

        which is best for skin lifting? can any of them do lifting for upper eyelids instead of using botox? (for a young person with sad eyes shape)

        Thank you!


      • There isn’t much information on the Internet. I saw a presentation about the Secret in Paris at the IMCAS meeting. It uses uninsulated needles which can cause epidermal issues (burns, pigmentation, and dimpling) and only has 25 needles in the handpiece (slower treatments). I don’t think there is a better device than Infini that I can tell. I’m not sure if the depths are adjustable with these other 2 which is very important too.


  4. Wow, this is dermapen is very promising. I wonder if there are any any known side effects to this treatment because needles are still scary.


    • Minimal side effects. Low risk of pigmentation issues, infection.


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