PRP and it’s Uses in Cosmetic Procedures: Facial Rejuvenation and Hair Growth Restoration


PRP is “Platelet Rich Plasma”, a portion of whole blood that is separated from the blood through centrifuging.   It should contain concentrations of platelets that are at least 4 times that of what is found in ordinary blood to get the maximal benefits.  Its use in medical conditions started in the 1990’s mainly by Orthopedic Surgeons and Oral Surgeons but has recently been expanded to the Cosmetic Surgery arena.

(Not all PRP is the same!  Most PRP systems don’t get the concentration of the platelets above the 4x level needed to get the full benefits from PRP.  The system that has proven to have consistent 4-7x concentration is the Magellan “TruPRP” system.  It costs the most but the results will be superior to all other PRP systems available on the market.  In a recent lecture Dr. Weiner attending in Paris at IMCAS, 13 different PRP machines were evaluated.  Some systems didn’t even result in platelets which were higher concentrations than whole blood!)

When an injury occurs, platelets are the “first responders”.  Platelets have been found to contain the following growth factors and cytokines:

The end result of the combination of these growth factors is increasing the vascularity to the injured area, decreasing the inflamation, laying down new collagen, healing the injured tissue and generation of new tissue.

Studies have shown the benefits of these growth factors in multiple different areas of medicine:

  • Improved healing in orthopedic injuries
  • Faster and better integration of bone grafts
  • Improvements in healing of chronic wounds such as diabetic foot ulcers
  • Improved outcomes with hair transplants

About 3 years ago, Dr. Charles Runels, devised a new PRP procedure which he called, “The Vampire Facelift”, for facial rejuvenation.   The procedure involves injecting dermal fillers, Juvederm, and combining it with injections PRP into the face.  The theory is that the PRP will release all the above mentioned growth factors and cytokines and turn on “the healing process” in the aging face.  The benefits of the “Vampire Facelift” are:

  • Collagen stimulation
  • Neovascularization (new blood supply to the skin)
  • Collagen remodeling (for scars)
  • Dermal thickening
  • Stimulation of fat growth leading to volumization of areas where fat has been lost

PRP has been used in conjunction with hair transplants for at least the last 5-7 years.  Studies have shown that there is improved “take” of the grafts, faster growth of the transplanted follicles, as well as more plentiful hair growth.  The PRP is bathed over the follicles prior to their transplanting as well as injected into the recipient and donor site areas.  In the past few years, PRP with ACell (a membrane from pig bladder) has been injected into areas of hair loss WITHOUT TRANSPLANTS and results have been very promising.  In a study published in the peer reviewed journal “Prime”, hair growth was seen in ALL patients, and ranged from 12-63% improvement.  Women seem to have greater improvements than men for this treatment.  It is recommended that men get 2 treatments, about 2-4 months apart, but women only need one.  Once a year touch ups are needed.

The use of PRP is entering a new frontier in the area of cosmetic enhancements.  Its benefits continue to be discovered in different applications and areas.  It has no side effects because you are using one’s own tissue to heal and enhance your own body.  It also is in nearly limitless supply.  It seems only a matter of time when PRP will be mainstream for anti-aging treatments.

Dr. Weiner is a Facial Plastic Surgeon who laid down his scalpel in 2005 and concentrates solely on noninvasive and minimally invasive Cosmetic Procedures.  He is Johns Hopkins trained and Board Certified.





  1. Ellie

    I appreciate the fact that you combine PRP fir face rejuvenation with micro needling. But finds it odd that you use so few PRP injections as compared to other doctors.
    Is there a reason for that when one desires optimal results?


    • Unlike others, we use cannulas. Less pokes but it distributes the PRP deeply throughout the whole face with less bruising and pain.


  2. Ellie

    Is there a reason you do not mention the PRP treatment for facial rejuvenation in the Clinique site? Please let me know as I am looking for the most effective, natural non invasive ( no surgery) treatment. Thank you.


  3. Diane

    My 26 year old daughter has very thin global loss of hair with scalp noticeable. She had 3 prp treatments September last year being the first. March 2016 she had prp acell and then another march 2016. There is no improvement at all. Does she keep getting injections until she sees growth or waits to see if the acell prp will help? So it’s only been 2months after acell prp but 8 months after first prp. Please advise! She needs help! Please ask Dr Weiner his opinion? This breaks my heart as she has a dad that is bald, grandmother, great grandfather bald. Please help!! Thank you!


  4. debbie

    Are you still doing prp acell hair treatment and how are the results of the patients? My 26 year old daughter had prp Sept 2015 every 6-8 weeks with no improvement. Is it the acell that is the booster to stimulate follicles? Her hair looks worse and thinner now. She had prp acell March and May 2016. Please help!!! She doesn’t live near you or we would visit. This breaks my heart!!


    • It won’t work on patients with scarring alopecia. The Prp needs to be at 6x normal concentration. This is 1.5 million per ml. A lot of PRP isn’t actually concentrated enough and isn’t truly PRP. I take 60-120 ml of blood to get 8-16cc of PRP. If not taking more than 10-20cc, you aren’t getting PRP.


      • debbie

        We should fly in to see you. I have no idea how concentrated it is. She sees a doctor in High Point NC. He does a ring block as well but is the Epi necessary? She absorbed some last time a couple of weeks ago and thought she was having a heart attack. So in the meantime while she waits should she get her 3rd prp acell treatment with him or wait until she sees any results from these last two? Please any advise would help. I think she can take off work in September to see you but I think we are going uphill everyday and didn’t know if the acell would be worth waiting for now. He does inject acell first then prp with calcium. Thanks for your time! She does not having scarring alopecia, she has diffuse thinning as her dad is bald, his mother, and her father. Just trying to be proactive as her hair seems worse after 6 months of only prp. thank you again


      • If concentration is confirmed as previously stated – absolutely key, I wouldn’t be any different except I don’t add Calcium anymore. Consider FUE transplants.


      • debbie

        thanks, she does not have enough hair for any transplant, it is so thin all over her head. Could the prp make her hair worse? It seemed worse after 6 months and continuing.


  5. debbie

    Dr Weiner, can I email you privately?


  6. I would still seek an opinion of a hair transplant specialist.


  7. debbie

    Ok thank you so much!! I am so distraught over this!! I am very emotional and want to be strong for her. Do you still think that she should have her last prp acell the end of June as scheduled? That will be three total. The three before from September to January was only prp. It wouldn’t hurt to have the last one right? In your video you stated women only need one.


  8. I don’t think it would do much difference.


  9. debbie

    Ok so we just wait to see if it helps?


  10. debbie

    I am so sorry to bother you on a Holiday but I’m in tears!!



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