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How to Treat Acne in 2014 – Spectra Laser Acne Peel with No Downtime or Discomfort

  Acne is a fairly universal problem, affecting 80% of the population at some point of their lives. A subset of people suffer from moderate to severe forms of the disease and seek medical attention. It’s the number one reason that people seek out a dermatologist. Treatment options consist of topical medications, oral medications, life …

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Rejuvenation of the Eyes – Completely Nonsurgically. Details the Factors Affecting the Aging of The Eyes.

Studies have shown that the eyes are the most important area of the face for gauging attractiveness.  Unfortunately, the eyes are one of the first areas to show aging.  Several aspects of aging affecting the eyes are: Dropping of the eyebrows Tear trough formation Eyelashes that are shorter, fewer, and less pigmented Thinning of the …

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Tired of All the Injections…Time to Consider Bellafill, a Permanent Dermal Filler

The aging face is the summation of several different factors.  Skin pigmentation (hyperpigmentation, solar lentigos) and textural changes (wrinkles, pores) are the results of accumulated UV damage (sun damage), age related tissue changes (loss of collagen, thinning dermis) and over-activity of the facial muscles.  These skin issues can be improved with lasers, chemical peels, neuromodulators …

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