Monthly Archives: November, 2013

What the Heck is Going on with Hydroquinones? Are they about to be banned in the US?

Hydroquinones have been the standard of care in the US for over 50 years for treating skin pigmentary problems such as:  melasma, chloasma, post inflammatory hyperpigmentation (PIH) and sunspots (lentigos).   It’s mechanism of action is proposed to be that it competes with tyrosine in its conversion to melanin thereby leading to less pigment production …

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Are superficial chemical peels obsolete? The Spectra Laser Peel (“Hollywood Peel”) might make that happen.

Chemical peels have been a staple for skin care for decades.  There are dozens of different types treating various skin conditions.  This blog will be directed at the superficial chemical peels used to treat:  fines lines, pigmentation, sun damage, acne, large pores, and to rejuvenate the skin.  These peels are usually placed by an aesthetician …

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