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How to improve your melasma

Melasma is skin pigment disorder (hyperpigmentation) which occurs in patches, which is often caused by fluctuations in hormones.  It occurs mostly in females, most commonly affects the cheeks, forehead, nose, jawline, and upper lip.  When associated with pregnancy it is called Chloasma, “mask of pregnancy”.  It is exacerbated by oral contraceptives and exposure to sunlight …

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Everything you need to know about Laser Tattoo Removal

As more and more people are getting tattoos, there is an increasing demand to get them removed.  Whether the tattoo was a mistake from the get go, it didn’t turn out as you expected, or a relationship has changed and you want to remove your “ex” from your skin, the most common way to remove …

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The various treatments for Acne Scars (scarring) at The Aesthetic Clinique

Dr. Weiner answers questions about acne scars Acne scarring is a very prevalent problem in our society.  It also a very common concern for clients in our office because it most often affects the face and becomes a cosmetic concern.  Treatment options are based of the severity of the disease and the intensity/aggressiveness the client …

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