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Steven F. Weiner, MD demonstrates the Liquid Facelift

Questions Answered by Dr. Weiner on Radiesse This is Dr. Weiner from The Aesthetic Clinique, demonstrating a Liquid Facelift. A Liquid Facelift is when dermal fillers are used to replace lost volume in the entire face which has occurred due to aging, exercise, and/or weight loss.  With no incisions or cutting, you can lift the …

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Debunking the myths in Plastic Surgery and Cosmetic Enhancements

“I’m considering a facelift so I don’t have to do all the maintenance with Botox and fillers.”  A facelift will not substitute for Botox or loss of volume.  You will still have wrinkles if you don’t do Botox or Dysport after a facelift.  Also, loss of volume, a primary component of aging, is not corrected …

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