Monthly Archives: February, 2013

Dr. Steven F. Weiner’s Top 10 Beauty and Longevity Recommendations

After being a physician for 25 years, I have read countless medical journals and  listened to hundreds (if not thousands) of lectures.  I have sifted through all those years to come up with my top 10 recommendations for a long and beautiful life.  Here is my last 25 years summed up: Topical Retin A – …

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Did you know…..Interesting things to do at the Aesthetic Clinique

This blog entry is filled with random facts and procedures that many people don’t know are available at The Aesthetic Clinique. Aging of the hands can be improved with filling the back of the hand with Radiesse and getting rid of the age spots with the VBeam or Fraxel Dual.  Filler in this area is …

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